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Waspair of Surrey, England

Wasp Nova hang glider of 1975 by Adrian Turner
Wasp Nova of 1975. The original photo was taken by Adrian Turner.

This related topics menu links to material in the main hang gliding pages. The links here are in chronological order.

Hang gliding 1974 part 1 for Ted Salisbury over the cliffs of Dover

Harnesses for the Wasp upright webbing harness of 1974

Curved leading edges and Kössen 1975 in Hang gliding 1975 part 1 for Brian Wood’s escapade in a CB240 in Austria

Snow bound (the closest sub-heading) also in Hang gliding 1975 part 1 for an image of the Wasp 229 C4

Nova in Hang gliding 1975 part 2

Gryphon 3 in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 3

Bob England, hang glider designer, for the Super Gryphon

Waspair relocated to to West Sacramento, California, in 1980.

Other related

Miles Wings Gulp and Gryphon (Waspair took over production of later variants of the Gryphon)

External links

Falcon 3: Photo by Roger Middleton of a Waspair Falcon 3 flown by Roger Black

Nova: Photo of the Wasp Nova in flight on the British Hang Gliding History Facebook page. (As of this writing, the year is given as 1974, but I am certain it was in 1975.)

Photo by Don Liddard of several gliders in the the landing field at the British championship competition at Mere, Wiltshire, in August 1975, in which you can compare the shape of the Wasp Nova with that of the UP Dragonfly

Sting: Photo by Roger Middleton of a Wasp Sting, a refined Rogallo of late 1975. The photo illustrates that, even without the addition of battens, fixed tips, or deflexor systems, improvements were possible. The Wasp Sting (not to be confused with the later Airborne Sting) nevertheless embodied contemporary refinements in materials and design.

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