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Tom Peghiny

Art based on a photo by W.A. Allen of Tom Peghiny in 1975 or 76
Art based on a photo by W.A. Allen of Tom Peghiny in 1975 or 76

Tom Peghiny has been at the forefront of hang glider design and competition, and then powered ultralights, from the early days.

The links here are in chronological order.

Designer in Scientific American hang glider for Tom’s meeting Mike Markowski, which led to the founding of the manufacturer Sky Sports

Cylindrical Rogallo in Rogallo wing definitions and diagrams for one of Tom’s earliest designs

Annie Green Springs 1973 briefing photo key

Elberta Dune, Michigan, July 1974 for an image of Tom flying a Sky Sports Bobcat to victory at this July 1974 competition

Mid-day lightning in Vermont, a review of the Francis Freedland documentary film 1978 Pico Peak International Hang Gliding Meet, in which Tom appears in several places

Developments 1978-9 in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 2 for Tom’s Eagle V-tail prototype that he made while at at Seagull Aircraft

Jaguar in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 3: Tom’s second V-tail prototype

Mega, Harrier, and Sierra in Hang gliding early 1980s part 1 for the Seagull Sierra, designed by Tom

Other related

Flying squad, a history of the east coast manufacturer Sky Sports, with which Tom was heavily involved from its beginning

External links

The following links are to Bill Liscomb’s 2008 documentary Big Blue Sky – The history of modern hang gliding – the first extreme sport! on YouTube

Tom Peghiny interview starting at 28 minutes 13 seconds

Tom Peghiny on competitions (then Chris Wills, then Bill Liscombe narrating, then Tom Peghiny explaining that he had to obtain a day off school to attend the 1973 Annie Green Springs competition) starting at 35 minutes 39 seconds

Tom’s interview continuation starting at 40 minutes 37 seconds

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