Photographers of early hang gliding

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Photographers of early hang gliding

Art based on a photo of hang glider photographer Stephen McCarroll
Stephen McCarroll

This related topics menu consists primarily of links to the main pages. The links are in chronological order. Images by most, if not all, these individuals appear on many more pages than are linked here. These are just where their main descriptions reside. Where possible, a photo of each photographer is included.

Old time pilots on a hang gliding forum in 2018 or -19 confirmed that photographers W.A. Allen (author of the What’s Up column in Ground Skimmer) and Bill Allen (author of the Flying Bull column in Hang Gliding) are the same individual.

In addition, British hang glider pilots and photographers Don Liddard and Roger Middleton have collections of photographs online, to which many pages here link (under External links sub-headings). Film makers Carl Boenish and Burke Ewing created movies that document 1970s hang gliding and I have linked to digitized versions of their works. Bill Liscomb (LightWing Productions) has placed online his documentary video Big Blue Sky, to which these pages refer in many places. Bill, whose mother was the photographer Bettina Gray, is the pilot in several early photographs too. British photographer Adrian Turner (see under External links later on this page) documented hang gliding in south-east England in the mid-1970s, principally in connection with Hiway Hang Gliders of Brighton, Sussex.

Long time instructor Ken de Russy has accumulated a large collection of photos, which he has allowed me to use here as well as describing his experiences of flying the early hang gliders. Hang gliding pioneer Frank Colver and the first world champion Dave Cronk have also provided photos and info. And several others including the first British champion Brian Wood and sail-maker Roly Lewis-Evans have also contributed.

More recently, which is to say after the 1970s, John Heiney has led the way in hang gliding aerial photography and I have a link to his web site under External links. Jan Kulhavy contributed quality photos from the mid 1980s including those in Grouse Mountain invitational 1984.


ATA girl Ann Welch, first president of the BHGA, took photos at hang gliding events

Copyright of early hang gliding photos

External links

Adrian Turner, photographer

Big Blue SkyThe history of modern hang gliding – the first extreme sport! by Bill Liscomb, 2008, on YouTube

Burke Ewing YouTube channel

Don Liddard photos on flikr

Frank Colver web site

Ken de Russy YouTube channel

Leroy Grannis: Interview with Hang Gliding Photography Legend LeRoy Grannis by John Heiney

Playground In The Sky 1977 – Early Days Of Hang Gliding – Full Length Film by Carl Boenish on YouTube

Roger Middleton’s hang gliding archive – 1975 to 1980 on Google Photos

Upshots: John Heiney’s web site

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