Domes, Palos Verdes

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Domes, Palos Verdes

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Art based on a photo by legendary photographer Leroy Grannis of Charles Baughman and Roy Haggard over ‘the domes’ site at Palos Verdes, California

The ‘domes’ are the radomes of San Pedro Hill radar station. Few photos seem to exist of this site and no photos here include the domes themselves.

We finally got kicked out of there by the nearby home owners who didn’t like the dust from the road down to the LZ, which went directly behind their homes.

— Frank Colver (via e-mail, March 2020)


Point Fermin, south of Palos Verdes

RAF Ringstead in Overview of Ringstead

Torrance Beach, north of Palos Verdes

External links

Domes on the horizon on Palos Verdes photographed from Point Fermin on 21 April 2017 by Chon Kit Leong/Alamy Stock Photo

Ground Equipment Facility J-31: San Pedro Hill Air Force Station, Palos Verdes, Wikipedia entry. ‘The Domes’ hang gliding site was so named after the radomes here.

Palos Verdes Secrets and Little Known Facts on the Maureen Megowan (realtor) web site

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