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Hang glider at Mere, Wiltshire, England, in June 2020
Luisa Morales turning immediately after launch in her Moyes flex-wing in 2020

Australian Bill Moyes was a pioneer of early hang gliding. It is unclear to this author whether Bill Moyes or fellow Australian Bill Bennett started manufacturing hang gliders first, but they both seem to have started in 1969. Bill Moyes’ son Steve won many championships over the years. Moyes Delta Gliders of Australia has been a top hang glider manufacturer since the early days.

The links in this related topics menu are in chronological order.

  • Curved leading edges and Kössen 1975 in Hang gliding 1975 part 1 for Bill Moyes’ conflict (doubtless friendly) with Eipper pilot Tina Trefethen
  • Grandfather Mountain 1975 part 2 for a Hugh Morton photo of a Sky Sports Kestrel and a Moyes Stinger in the air in 1975
  • Hang gliding 1977 for Steve Moyes at the 1977 World Tow Kite Championship
  • Bird’s eye view in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 1 for a Hugh Morton photo of a Moyes Maxi launching at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, and a photo of Bill Moyes and Bill Bennett together
  • Developments 1978-9 in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 2 for the Moyes Maxi advert in Glider Rider
  • Antares, Ten Meter, and others in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 3 for Dave Ledford and his broken Moyes Mega II descending under parachute
  • Mega, Harrier, and Sierra in Hang gliding early 1980s part 1 for images of Joe Greblo flying a Mega and Steve Moyes flying a Meteor
  • Hang gliding mid 1980s for the following:
    • A Hugh Morton photo of NASA engineer Francis Rogallo, hang gliding instructor John Harris, and Bill Moyes at Grandfather Mountain in 1984
    • An image of 1983 world hang gliding champion Steve Moyes
    • Under External links on that page, the video Birdmen of Kilimanjaro on the Moyes YouTube channel
  • Hang gliding late 1980s for an image derived from the photo in the Moyes Mission advert
  • Hang gliding 1990 to 1993 for prolific hang gliding author Dennis Pagen flying a Moyes XS
  • Assortment also in Hang gliding 1990 to 1993 for the following:
    • An image based on a Skip Brown photo of a Moyes GTR at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon
    • An image based on the photo in the Moyes XS advert in March 1991
  • Hang gliding 1994 and 1995 for an image based on the Moyes Xtralite advert
  • Litespeed in Hang gliding 2015 to 2019 for the following:
    • Veteran Sea Harrier pilot Rob Schwab seconds after launching in his Moyes Litespeed
    • Former navy helicopter test pilot Rob Dowdell (who also flies a Litespeed) in discussion with Rob Schwab and Voytek (from Russia) on the hill. (Scroll up a bit to before the Litespeed subtitle.)
    • Technical paragraphs based on a talk video by Moyes chief designer Gerolf Heinrichs, the video being reachable under External links on that page
  • Hang gliding 2020 for photos of Greg Emms and Luisa Morales flying Moyes wings

Other related

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Hang gliding before 1973 part 2

External links

Hang gliding pioneers video on YouTube with Francis Rogallo, John Dickenson, and Bill Moyes in conversation in 1988

Kitemen, 1972, by Cypress Gardens on the Moyes YouTube channel

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