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Lejair (Tony and Rona Webb)

Lejair, founded by chief instructors Tony and Rona Webb, was Britain’s primary hang gliding school. It operated in the flatlands of Norfolk and in Spain. Tony and Rona pioneered the use of winch launch training in Britain after learning the technique in the mid-1980s from Donnell Hewitt of Texas, among others. They also organized hang gliding expeditions to places such as the Canary Islands.

Rona, John, and Tony in early 1992
Rona, John, and Tony in early 1992

We lost instructor John Burrell to cancer in 2010. Tony and Rona divorced some years ago, but they continued to work together. Rona visited me (with Gary D, who was training as an instructor) in my home town during my time of trouble in 2018. We went to the beach and I kept a pebble from that day. It sits on a cupboard in my room. Then in January 2020 came the news that shocked so many in British hang gliding: Rona had died at home in Spain.

The loss of her quiet competence will be felt throughout the hang gliding world.

— BHPA magazine SkyWings, February 2020


Skyting in Hang gliding early 1980s part 2 for Donnell Hewitt of Texas and his center-of-mass bridle system for winch launching

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