Eipper-Formance of Torrance, California

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Eipper-Formance of Torrance, California

Cmdr Levy lands his Eipper Antares
Cmdr Levy lands his Eipper Antares at Torrey Pines, San Diego. Art based on a photo by Bettina Gray.

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Early powered ultralights

Tom Price’s flying machines (Tom started his hang gliding career at Eipper)

Torrance Beach

External links

John Elwell video

Soaring and Gliding Festivals 1973-1974, a digitized ‘Super 8’ (8 millimetre) film on YouTube by John Elwell. Filmed at Elberta dunes, Michigan:

Flexi Flier staying up for a while in ridge lift, starting at 30 minutes 56 seconds

Flexi Flier again, starting at 38 minutes 54 seconds

Quicksilver monoplane, starting at 41 minutes 39 seconds

Other external links

Dick Eipper: USHPA Member 00001 by Jennifer Drews in Hang Gliding & Paragliding, June 2008

Film by Bill Liscomb aboard a Quicksilver C at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California, on October 23rd, 1975, closing credits of his 2008 documentary Big Blue Sky on YouTube starting at 1 hour 14 minutes 51 seconds, and more, briefer starting at 1 hour, 11 minutes and 6 seconds with narration by Lloyd Licher, but it is not connected with this sequence

Flexi Flier at Point Fermin: Wings of the Wind on YouTube starting at 22 minutes 55 seconds, the Flexi Flier having an in-flight movie camera below the glider’s base tube (narration by Taras Kiceniuk Jr.)

Hang Gliding at Point Fermin, 1976 by H5-Phil on YouTube. Mostly if not wholly Eipper wings.

Quicksilver landing on the beach at Point Fermin: Wings of the Wind on YouTube starting at 24 minutes 57 seconds

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