Birdman of Wiltshire, England

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Birdman of Wiltshire, England

This related topics menu links to material in the main hang gliding pages. The links here are in chronological order.

Hang glider launching from a hill
Roly, sailmaker for Birdman, launching from Monk’s Down in a Cherokee in 1979
  • Tommy in Hang gliding 1974 part 2 for an image of Dave Raymond flying a Birdman standard Rogallo in the Ken Russell movie Tommy
  • Dragonfly in Hang gliding 1975 part 2, which includes Birdman’s link with Ultralight Products of California
  • Developments in Britain in Hang gliding 1976 part 1, which includes an image of a Firebird in flight
  • Sunspot, Moonraker, and Scorpion in Hang gliding 1977, which includes a note about the development of the Moonraker and the Firebird S
  • Birdman and Solar Wings in Hang gliding 1978 and 1979 part 3
  • Kimmeridge Khmer Rouge, which includes Peter Robinson and Roly Lewis-Evans flying Cherokees at this once popular site in 1979
  • Cherokee in Hang gliding early 1980s part 1


Solar Wings of Wiltshire, England

Ultralight Products of California and Utah

External links

Birdman Comanche in Delta Club 82. Click the photo to display two photos in a new browser window.

Birdman team at the first world championship, Kössen, Austria, 1975: RR7513B AUSTRIA WORLD HANG-GLIDING CHAMPIONSHIP video on YouTube by AP Archive starting at 6 minutes 3 seconds: Dave Raymond (having re-grown his beard after the filming of Tommy), Dick Bickel, Ken Messenger, Terry Nicholls, and Brian Harrison of Scot Kites.

Ken Messenger, of early British hang glider manufacturer Birdman, in British Hang Gliding History. It includes Ken’s link with farmer, balloonist, and airship pilot David Liddiard (not to be confused with hang gliding photographer Don Liddard) of Newbury, Berkshire, whose autobiography I acquired when I worked in nearby Hungerford…

Photo by Roger Middleton of Ken Messenger of Birdman flying an Ultralight Products Dragonfly at Mere, Wiltshire, England, in August 1975

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